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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good, Bad and Ugly in Tollywood-2007 Of US-Box Office

Tollywood-2007 has seen worst performers, worse ones and average ones at the American box office. Majority of exhibitors and distributors have bitten mud by investing big and recovering nothing. The only films those bagged better collections than remaining ones are:

Happy Days
Yama Donga
Adavari Matalaku Ardhaley Veruley and

Although the above films brought profitable returns for buyers they are not up to the mark. The above films bagged bigger profits as they are made with variety in subject and proved hits.

Apart from this, the films those were bought with big expectations have brought big loss for all exhibitors and distributors. The biggest mistake done by distributors is buying films for bigger amounts. The films those were bought with bigger price looking at the artificial hype created by producers had toppled miserably. The major loss makers for both distributors and exhibitors are:

Sankardada Zindabad
Dubai Seenu
Viyalavari Kayyalu
Allare Allari
Munna and

And there is another level of films those were bought but not released in USA. The best example in this category is 'Vijaya Dasami'. This film proved a big flop both in USA and at home. Assuming a financial risk, the film wasn't released in USA even though after buying. That way, the loss was minimized.

This is the plight of Tollywood in 2007 in USA. Distributors and Exhibitors are being requested by many experienced people to be sane in this business and not get carried away by the words of hype from producers. Let us wish lessons were learnt from 2007 and our overseas buyers play safe game in 2008.

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