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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Venkatesh's 'Chintakayala Ravi' Opens New Trend


Title trends go on in different styles in Tollywood. Many assume that there are no new titles to give nomenclature for new films. At the same time some innovative heads are bringing out something new all the time. The fresh title that is bringing laughs for everyone is 'Chintakayala Ravi' that is going to be the nomenclature for Venlatesh's new film in the production of Nallamalupu Bujji. Initially it was gossiped that Bujji is going to give the title for this film starting with letter 'L' (like Lakshmi and Lakshyam). But now that is ruled out. Bujji is not serious on that 'L concept and came out with this new funny title 'Chintakayla Ravi'.

Now the point is the new trend would start this way basing on the 'sur names'. Telugu surnames sound funny for Telugu people itself. The titles with cast elements like 'Reddy', 'Chowdhary', 'Sastry' and 'Nayudu' have already seen light and proved to be on beaten track. Now the titles will be with surnames if this Chintakayala Ravi proves successful. Irrespective of that a new trend seems to have opened to title the films with surnames in them.

We may see the titles like 'Chinta Gantayya', 'Ganta Guruvayya', 'Gurava Obulesu', 'Obula Venkanna', 'Venka Timmanna…' etc down the line!! Yes, just kidding the phenomenon!

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