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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rumors: Nag's Property Worth Above Rs 10,000 Cr


Nagarjuna is the big man in the industry now who is richer than many. He wasn't into direct Real Estate at any time like Murali Mohan. But he procured a few lands in his own range and now his total property is worth Rs 10,000 Cr and above.

Only at Nanakram Guda he has a sprawling 300 acres of land. Each acre costs Rs 30 Cr now. That way he has Rs 9000 Cr only there. Apart from this he has many assets those are countless. He is now planning to start another News Channel that runs on 24 hours.

And that is to safeguard his properties by keeping media in his hands. Already he is going active with MAA TV.

Nagarjuna's property is worth those many crores without including ANR's property. Annapurna Studio land and Annapurna 7 acres land is not included in Nagarjuna's Rs 10000 Cr property list. Estimation says that Nagarjuna is richer than Ramoji Rao and richer than any film personality in Tollywood!!!!

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