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Monday, December 17, 2007

Married Malavika Spreads Yellow Fever

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Malavika appeared on Teja TV all of a sudden last night wearing a transparent yellow sari. She didn't lose her oomph factor despite her marriage and she vibrated the couch potatoes sitting in front of TV sets with her glamour and liveliness. She was the guest for a dance show 'Close Up-Super Dancer'. She danced for a while on stage after the completion of the program.

Just a few days back talking to a Tamil media she said that she has no reservations with respect to glamour show as she is in glamour industry. As skin show or glamour show is a part of profession of any heroine, I accustomed to it long back and it is accepted in our family as per professional need. What else an actress wants other than acceptance from her family? She said that she is very fortunate for having a husband like hers.

That is true indeed. Malavika is so young an energetic that many assumed that some directors would rope her into their new films had they watched her in that dance-program.

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