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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nagarjuna: 'I Regret Doing the Film 'Antham''

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Nagarjuna says that he regrets for doing the film 'Antham'. He said, "I never like portraying dark roles. And Antham is one such film that I shouldn't have done. But some times mistakes bound to happen. I was disappointed by that afterwards".

And said "Annamayya is the film that uplifted my thought process. I didn't known who Annamayya was until then. A few songs used to reach my ears when I went to places like Tirupathi and that's it. I known nothing about him till JK Bharavi narrated a fabulous story. All the songs of Annamayya were used accordingly by Bharavi and Raghavendra Rao while making 'Annamayya'. The songs are grooved in such a way that they were placed according to the stages of Annamayya's age".

He also added, "I acted in Sree Ramadasu with the confidence I picked up from Annamayya. I understood the spirit of bhakti by then".

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