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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reel Buzz: C Kalyan's Rs 300 Cr In 3 Years

Producer C Kalyan bought a piece of 10 acres of land at Rs 85 lakh per acre, 3 years ago in Nanakramguda area. Now an acre in that place costs Rs 30 Cr and that way he ended up with Rs 300 Cr there itself. C Kalyan is a living example for bold investments and growing rich in shorter span.

One need not be highly struggling or highly mischievous to earn big. It's the luck factor that accelerates the riches of a person. A steep profit of Rs 290 Cr in 3 years is really marvelous and Kalyan may sell that land for a software park as per the inside sources.

He has few more interesting lands those are in the process of escalating their prices.

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