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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Screen Buzz: Trisha indulges in a BMW

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It seems like actress Trisha is riding high these days. A little birdie told us that the pretty actress recently bought a swanky new set of wheels — a Model 5 Series BMW car, which she booked some months ago. The actress, who was very particular about getting a black-coloured model and had also asked for some custom-made alterations, had to wait a little longer than usual to pick up the car.

Apparently, Trisha was so thrilled when she received the car that she drove down to a temple for a pooja and then took it to Prasad studios where she was shooting for Kuruvi with Vijay in Chennai.

However, it looks like Trisha’s excitement didn’t last for long because two days later, she was back to using her old car. The reason? She found it difficult to manage the swanky car on the pot-holed city roads and was also afraid that someone might accidentally dent her car.

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