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Friday, December 21, 2007

Street Talk: Lawrence Is Too Selfish To Resist!

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If your memory permits to go back and see then just recall the scene from Mohan Babu's 'M Dharma Raju MA'. The road side beggar (played by Mohan Babu) uses local politician Satyanarayana as a tool and grabs what he wants without letting that known to anyone. During the counting of votes, initially M Dharmaraju MA sits at the tip of the chair, when listens that he is leading, he moves little back and sits comfortably. When he knows that he wins, he rests back in the chair and breathes happily. That scene was shown as a symbolism of his conquering nature in crooked way.

Now the scene can be attributed to Raghava Lawrence. He entered as a dancer into the industry and with the blessings of Chiranjeevi he turned a choreographer. Then he became director, actor and now the music director as well. It is said that in the film 'Don', he grabbed 5-6 departments only by convincing Nag and Kumar Choudary. But what he promised might be different from what he had narrated, say a few in the industry. During the film 'Style', initially he narrated the story keeping Prabhudeva and Raja in main leads. But when the project came to his hands he highlighted his own character and made other two roles of Raja and Prabhudeva submissive. Lawrence wants top recognition and he wants to eat away bigger cake always. Now the same thing repeated with Nagarjuna as well, as per impressions. Nagarjuna is professional and he hardly pokes his nose into director's department. But Lawrence, with his over selfish behavior, is polluting the industry, say Film Nagar sources. He flopped 'Style' showing himself as hero. He kept down Nagarjuna by over shadowing him in 'Don'.

So, like 'Style', even the film 'Don' too was made with same attitude problem of Lawrence, say some sources.

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