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Saturday, December 22, 2007

'Okka Magaadu' Audio Release

Much anticipated audio of "Okka Magadu" was launched at a glittering ceremony held at Cyber Gardens, Hyderabad on Friday night. Hundreds of fans from all over the state attended the function. Union Minister Dasari Narayana Rao was the chief guest. He released the first cassette and gave it to K Raghavendra Rao. And then Raghavendra Rao released the audio CDs and handed it to Nandamuri Ramakrishna. The first cassette was bought by Rajamouli.
Ramya Krishna, Charmee, Anushka, Sanghavi, Sreenu Vaitla, A S Ravi Kumar Chowdhary, Ramesh Reddy, Chandra Bose, MRV Prasad, Trivikram Rao, Devi Vara Prasad, R Narayana Murthy Medikonda and Krishna Prasad were chief among the guests.

Dasari Narayana Rao

"There is none to compare with Swargiya Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao. He is an actor by par excellence and a great human being. NTR had shown what Telugu pride is. He became a Chief Minister in 9 months after launching his party. That is a history, not publicity stunt. Balakrishna is true successor to him. I gave the title Yuvarathna to NBK. He now should be called Nata Yurarathna. Okka Magadu is going to shatter all the records."


"All of you have been expecting a lot from Okka Magadu. It reaches your expectations and has plenty of surprises. Dialogues are like a feast for you fans. Whenever I did something unique and not revealed the unique getups till the release, the movies became trendsetters. It is a proven fact. We are not revealing the Okka Magadu get up and I am sure you will be thrilled to see it on the screen. Manisharma has given me musical hits like Samarasinha Reddy and Narasinha Naidu. His music helped 50 percent to the success of those films. He gives his best again in Okka Magadu. YVS is a different kind of filmmaker and very passionate. He knows everything. When we shoot songs, he becomes dance master, when he narrates a scene he turns actor and when it is for action sequences he becomes fightmaster. He has command over all departments of filmmaking. Okka Magadu is going to be big surprise."

R Narayana Murthy

"NTR lived in our hearts. He is yuga purushudu and played varied characters. Balakrishna also has to play many such diverse roles and then he will jump into politics and becomes chief minister as all of you are wishing."

Sreenu Vaitla

"I have a doubt how much a film would collect if a Samarasinha Reddy and Narasinha Naidu releases these times. I am sure I would get the answer for it this Sankranthi."


"I should not be speaking at this stage instead I should be enjoying with the fans out there sitting other side. Balayya is a lion and is waiting to roar. He will shake the industry again."


"Songs are pretty good and so is Balayya. I know the film is also good. So you will enjoy it."

Ramya Krishna

"I wish all the best to the team. When such a dedicated fans like are there, why can't this film be a hit?"


"It has been my dream to work with my idol late NTR. As a fan of Nandamuri, it is a dream come to true to do this powerful film with NTR's heir Nandamuri Natasinham Balakrishna. There is no replacement for him for this script. If not he, I would not have made this."

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