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Friday, May 23, 2008

Press Release: Chiru’s Shankar Dada Zindabad free show in Dallas

Press Release: Chiru’s Shankar Dada Zindabad free show in Dallas

“PRAVASA VAARADHI”, Our second International SPARC Meeting by the Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization, USA in association with CANA (Chiranjeevi Assocaition of North America) on Saturday, May 31st 2008 at 10:30 AM in Dallas(Irving), TX in support of Padma Bhushan Dr. Chiranjeevi. Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization has conducted more than 20 events in USA, a successful 5K Walk-a-Thon in California and Ratha Yatra from Tirupathi to Srikakulam in raising the awareness and support for Dr. Chiranjeevi as our Leader for the state of Andhra Pradesh. As we all know the character, determination and the service minded nature of Padma Bhushan Dr. Chiranjeevi, We want to portrait the need of a Great personality and better direction in the form of Dr. Chiranjeevi for the development of our state in all respects. So, we invite you all to come and participate and make this event a grand success in Dallas (Irving) Area.

Click here for online free registration of the event - http://pravasachiranjeevi.org/chiru/dallas_event.htm

1. On-site Registration will start at 10:30 AM on Saturday, May 31st 2008 at FunAsia Theatres and Chiru T-shirts will be provided to all the participants.

2. Mega movie "Shankar Dada Zindabad" will be screened for all the participants about the role and the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi (Father of our nation and an NRI) to bring unity among people of AP in choosing the future and direction of our State and our leader Dr. Chiranjeevi.

3. Pravasa Vaaradhi, our Second SPARC meeting will start at 12:00 PM at FunAsia Theatres, Irving TX during the interval.

4. Lunch will be provided to all the participants at FunAsia theatres, 1625 N Story Rd, #100, Irving, TX.

5. Short video of Padma Bhushan Dr. Chiranjeevi and also the past events conducted by Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization will be screened.

6. Mega brother Mr. Nagababu garu and Dr. Mitra garu will address (video conference) the gathering and officially kick off the International SPARC sessions.

International SPARC Sessions would mainly focus on the following topics and the role of Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization and the support of our NRIs

1. Social and Economic change.

2. Current Education and Health care system.

3. Best ways for the most utilization of the natural resources and self sustainability.

4. Present Distribution model in all walks of life and how we can minimize the middle man for the betterment of the end user.

5. More controlled and centralized local bodies for faster decision making and e economic development in the state of Andhra Pradesh

Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organization, USA and CANA (Chiranjeevi Association of North America) welcomes you all with your families and friends to participate in the International SPARC (Socio-Political Analysis & Research Center) session. Noted NRI educationalists, IT professionals, Entrepreneurs and Doctors from different parts of USA will be addressing the gatherings and share their views and open brainstorming session will be conducted to collect the ideas of all the attendees.

For more details, registration & volunteering opportunity …… Please visit www.pravasachiranjeevi.org

Contact: Srinivas Ravula(972-333-2728 ), Gopi Reddy Chillakuru(214-529-8095), Mukesh Chichula(214-566-6021), Suresh Linganeni(469-274-2740), Srinivas Bhavireddy(972-897-0920), Basvi Reddy Iyuluri(214-597-3356), Nara Vadranam(678-612-6714), Srinivas Manapragada(408-203-8905)

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