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Friday, May 30, 2008

Beware PTO breaks the NRI Bridge for Chiru Train


Beware PTO breaks the NRI Bridge for Chiru Train

Till date no one dreamt about an organization being such opportunistic. Organizations started with one person taking everyone into his words on the name of chiranjeevi and later collected a group of people from different parts US framing themselves as well-wishers of chiranjeevi starting a website on his name as www.chiruforap.com started collecting money for the events for one man agenda both in US and India on the name of Chiranjeevi conducting events on the name of prestigious SPARC abroad on same day different locations, releasing ambiguous press statements ,mixing with other official endorsed Chiranjeevi organization events which are not part of Pro Telugu Organization. This clearly shows the intention of Pro Telugu Organization in tarnishing the image of Dr. Chiranjeevi, with the support of unregimented forces this so called PRO TELUGU ORGANIZATION (www.chiruforap.com) trying to stop the Chiranjeevi's train and collapsing the NRI bridge, by creating the confusion in the well-wishers - fraternity of Chiranjeevi.

We urge all the Chiranjeevi well-wishers, friends, Chiranjeevi fan clubs and NRI Chiranjeevi organizations to be very cautious in attending or organizing such meetings by PRO TELUGU ORGANIZATION (www.chiruforap.com)

We as the NRI brigade who are building the bridge for Chirus Train and have goal and mission in looking Chiranjeevi Garu as the next leader of our beloved soil, will not sleep till the arrival of Chirus Train and we will also take actions which can lead to stop such events conducted in the Foreign Soils by organization with self agendas and using Chiranjeevi name.


We welcome everyone to be a part of this mission in stopping such Organization, and shall only aim towards unity without self agendas, caste , regional bias in achieving our goal in looking CHIRANJEEVI as our Leader

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