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Friday, May 30, 2008

Pro Telugu Org. conducts SPARC session in Canada and 4 other cities in USA


Pro Telugu Org. conducts SPARC session in Canada

Sessions start simultaneously from four other US Cities

In less than two weeks after its first ever session on the foreign soil in Detroit, USA SPARC is all set for another major landmark by making its presence in Canada. Organized by Pro Telugu Organization (chiruforap.com) SPARC session is being held in Windsor, Canada on 31st May 2008.

In yet another invigorating move Pro Telugu Org. goes with a bang by organizing a record four SPARC sessions all being conducted on the same day at the same time simultaneously from four different cities in US. With Columbus (OH), Dallas (TX), Chicago (IL) and Atlanta (GA) in USA and Windsor (ON) in Canada makes a total five events all start and conclude at same time. It perhaps makes the first and the biggest ever SPARC sessions organized simultaneously. Speakers from India will address the attendees of the sessions through a Video and Live Tele conference over a Telecon-bridge to deliver the speeches.

In a press statement released Pro Telugu Org. Media Secretary Mr. Rao Siddam told that an expected combined attendees for these sessions would be in few hundreds if not in thousands. He told that Pro Telugu Org. has plans to organize sessions in Malaysia, UK and Australia shortly.

For more details visit http://www.chiruforap.com website.

Rao VN Siddam

Media Secretary

Pro Telugu Org.




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