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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hyderabad News 08-07-07

Labor Pains And Doubts For Choudary

RB Choudary has been struggling to release the film 'Himsinche 23 Va Raju Pulikesi' a dubbed version from Tamil hit 'Imsai Arasan'. Now it is said that doubts are camouflaged around this film if it can be successful in Telugu as it's packed with Tamil nativity and politics. But the film made huge collections in Tamil and that allured RB Choudary. Above all, Shankar produced the film in Tamil and Simbudevan directed it.
Now the promotion of this film is being done in big way using the image of Shankar. In general the original version's producer's name will be hidden once the dubbing rights are procured. It is obvious that the dubbing rights holders will keep their name on producer's card. But here RB Choudary is using original producer Shankar's name for image and better identity.
Naidu spent Rs 20 crore in 2 months

Believe it or not, former Chief Minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu had spent a little more than Rs 20 crore in the last two months, just to pep up his own image at the national level.
According to Telugu Desam sources, Naidu had spent huge amounts from the exchequer of the NTR Trust to organise "Chalo Delhi" trip for the Telugu Desam leaders and cadres to organise a two-day dharna at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi in protest against the construction of Babli project by Maharasthtra on Godavari river. His lobbying with the national leaders there and organising get togethers also cost him a lot of money.
And then Naidu spent money lavishly on the preparations for the Third Front and its meetings in Hyderabad and Chennai and then on the attempts for convincing President Abdul Kalam to contest for the second term. And then his US trip, along with a host of party leaders, which cost the Desam kitty heavily. "We went on spending money on his Delhi tours, his agitational programmes and on the tours of other party leaders accompanying Naidu, too. The final accounts revealed that it had crossed Rs 20 crore in the last two months. The sad part of it is that our leader has miserably failed to get the image of king maker at the national level," a TD source said.
YSR birthday gift: Srisailam to the brim

The Srisailam dam across the river Krishna is full. Officials have no option but to release the water from the dam. This is the first time that the dam is full to the brim in the first week of July itself. Never in the history of the dam did water overflow in the early stages of south west monsoon.
Seven crest gates have been opened to let the excess inflows go out into the downstream of the river. This also means that another major dam across the river Krishna, Nagarjunasagar, will be full in a day or two.
Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy is going to celebrate his birthday on Sunday. And the Srisailam dam has come in as a major gift to him on the eve of his birthday.
"It is a historic day for us. A day to be remembered. True to the mood of the nation - 07-07-07 - the God has blessed YSR on his birthday," says Major Irrigation Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah.
The water levels at Srisailam dam was 881 feet as against the Full Reservoir Level of 885.
The level last year the same day was 816.7 feet. Inflows into the dam was 2,93,921 cusecs and flow 43,325 cusecs as at 6.00 am on Saturday.

Hyderabad Buzz: Ambanis take YSR for a ride!

Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy might be happy in wooing the younger brother of Ambanis – Anil, who is fighting a bitter war against his brother Mukesh Ambani with regard to pricing of natural gas being produced in the KG basin, but the sources in the CMO say both the brothers had only taken the Chief Minister for a ride.
During his recent meeting with the Chief Minister, Anil Ambani has created an impression that he has all sympathis for the State government in the pricing of natural gas, because Mukesh is hell bent on increasing the price of gas. Actually, Anil was not interested in gas pricing issue, but was only lobbying for the real estate activity in Hyderabad. He is all set to get the contract for the construction of 100-stroreyed complex on the city outskirts.
To please the Chief Minister, Anil only expressed his solidarity with him on gas issue. The fact is that Anil is going to get gas at a cheaper rate from his brother as part of their family agreement and is not bothered about the price charged from other customers, including Andhra Pradesh. Without knowing this, YSR fell into Anil's trap, sources say.

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