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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Screen Talk: Simbhu Turned Pure Vegetarian

Simbhu, the ex lover of Nayantara has turned a pure vegetarian. He says that he changed to Vegetarianism to reduce anger and emotional levels. It seems that he discovered vegetarian food makes the senses pleasing and keeps the individual in tranquility for longer hours.
He is also saying philosophy with the words like, "One should forget all worries in 3 days. One should be like Jesus".
Telling about his tastes he said, "I love video games, cricket and music. I also like the color black a lot. Rajni Kanth is my favorite actor and my motive is to entertain people with my performance".
Well, that's in nut shell Simbhu said freshly. He did not mention Nayantara in any of the list.

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