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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Snippet: Can Balakrishna's Dream Fulfil!

The plight of Balakrishna can be understood by all. He is very much passionate to portray the mythological and historical roles portrayed by his father. But now the trend is away from that. Hardly there are producers who can venture boldly on those subjects. Hence to quench the desire he is playing those roles on Stage.
During Platinum Jubilee he portrayed the role of Duryodhana and in fresh TANA he played as Sree Krishna Deva Raya and Yamadarma Raju. His passion for Telugu is also understood when he spoke from dais for 45 minutes without uttering a single English word.
Can Balakrishna's desire get fulfilled at least in near future? Well he is acting in Ranga-panduranga. Will there be anything beyond that?

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