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Monday, July 9, 2007

Side Talk: Balakrishna Fans Disappointed!

The fans of Balakrishna were disappointed observing the audiences' response to Balakrishna's portrayal as 'Yama Dharma Raju' on the dais of TANA. While he portrayed the role of Sri Krishna Deva Raya along with Murali Mohan who portrayed Timmarusu the response was pretty good. But for his subsequent performance the audiences were found very meager although he did really well.

It was observed that Balakrishna was very well moved close with all the people in TANA and he was accessible for each and everyone there. That reduced his aura and hence people lost interest to watch his second performance, although that's marvelously performed by him.

But the same audiences rocked with enthusiasm when Sunil's program was announced. He just flashed for some time and moved away from mobs. That's the secret of craze on him. Same was the plight with Chiranjeevi during the last day of ATA. He spent there just for 30 minutes and left the place. So the aura sustained. So, Balakrishna wouldn't have performed those many shows at a time.

Looking at all this, Balakrishna's fans were found unhappy on one side and happy on other. They were happy since their hero was at hand's distance from them and also talking to them with smile and eagerness whenever approached. They were unhappy because the response from audience for his second show is modicum. Well, all that's the result of over familiarity and the English quote 'Familiarity begets contempt' can be recalled here.

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