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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TANA Highlights: Good, Bad and Ugly

The celebrations of TANA have completed successfully with the participation of many from Telugu community in Washington DC. Here are a few highlights of the event in nut shell.

1. Banquet party was huge success. But food arrangements disappointed many.
2. Entire TANA festival chanted Nandamuri and TDP mantra.
3. Balakrishna gave excellent performance as Srikrishna Deva Raya and Yamadharmaraju. But he disappointed with his speech as many couldn't able to understand.
4. Prabha gave excellent performance on stage.
5. Sunil gave extraordinarily entertaining performance.
6. M S Ramaiah's speech attracted many youngsters.
7. The ironic and funny side of TANA is Youth Program. The hosts conducting that spoke only in English while NBK promoting the flavor of speaking in TELUGU.
8. Total number of visitors around 8000-9000. The organizers are claiming 12000, but the actual figure is only around 8000. Some one on stage even claimed 16000.
9. Clinton keynote address at the conference opening.
10. Worst sound system. Many couldn't able to undetstand speeches.

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