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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Allu Arjun Boasts His Loyalty To Ram Charan

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Downing the curtains for the assumptions that a competition rift has started between Ram Charan and Allu Arjun, the latter came out with his statements freshly in an interview.

He said, "Vaadu (Ram Charan) chaala intelligent. He (Ram Charan) has great grasping that a dancing step that we learned after practicing for 15 days was done by him in two days. Then I understood the power of genes and blood".

Saying about Ram Charan's relation with him, "My father has been loyal to Chiranjeevi garu. But I will prove that I'm more loyal to Ram Charan. I'm here like this only because of Chiranjeevi garu. Without him I'm no where. Till now I have only one Chiranjeevi garu. But now I have two Chiranjeevis".

He also added saying, "I'm not surprised looking at Ram Charan's dance and fights. I know he will do that way. I also don't say thanks to fans sitting in the status of Chiranjeevi's family member. I'm also a fan here".

That's how Arjun came out with his feelings.

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