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Friday, October 5, 2007

Screen Talk: What Is There In 'Bhayya'?

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'Malaikottai' is the Tamil film that was released couple of weeks ago in Tamilnadu. Malaikottai implies a 'temple on hill'. The shooting of the film took place in Tirucchi where there is a temple on the hill. Vishal and Priyamani paired up in it. The film is now getting dubbed into Telugu and releasing tomorrow as 'Bhayya.

Vishal said that the film is titled 'Bhayya' in Telugu as the people in AP called him 'Bhayya' when he made his visit for the success meets of Pandem Kodi and Pogaru.

The film is a high voltage action drama where it is going in the B and C centers of Tamilnadu in considerable positive way. The film is running dull in A centers. We have to see how it goes in AP.

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