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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gossip: Nayantara Offered Everything Except That!

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Nayantara, after getting enough of mileage in both positive and negative forms by Simbhu in Tamilnadu, she shifted her abode to Hyderabad. She is moving close with Telugu actors and producers. Gossip zones didn't leave her but not harming her image in big way. There are some gossips that Nagarjuna is her guardian now.

Keeping that aside, freshly a Nayantara's dialogue with a young handsome producer was underlined by many in Film circles.

She was asked to act in a film that is produced by Lagadapati Sridhar. Nayantara denied that due to dates' problem saying, "Sridhar! You ask me 'anything' else except that".

Nayantara! Can you explain what that 'anything' means? Gossip zones are dishing out several versions of meaning for it.

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