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Friday, October 5, 2007

Fairest Complexion And Sexiest Figure

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A fair and voluptuous lady is now appearing on small screen in a trailer. Although there is little grace in her face, the beauty in her body has been turning the heads of many.

There's a beach. And there is a sexy lady shining in the rays of mid day Sun. She is wearing a swimsuit, that's in two-piece. Her fairest skin is glowing with reflections. Her body has curves giving grand glory for her feminine assets. A man is holding her navel region and kneading for a few seconds. The lady is snuggling in his hug.

That is the essence of that trailer. The sexiest lady is Shraddha Arya and the man is Vaibhav, the son of Kodanda Rai Reddy. It's a trailer of the film 'Godava'. The trailers are attracting people. We have to see how far the film attracts.

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