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Saturday, June 30, 2007

$100,000,000 Turned Laughing Stock In USA

Now the biggest time pass tidbit for discussion and laughs in the US is about the statement given by a representative of an association. He said that US has 1 lakh millionaires who are Telugus and even if each one donates 1000 dollars, that would turn up to US $ 100 Million which can be donated to Bill Clinton. Many are asking, is there any sense in that statement?

"It's wild thought and pseudo perceived notion. How many in Telugus of America will give 1000 dollars each for American politics? Who is going to be benefited by that? There is no sense in that. Who has such black money? Even here no one donated more than US $ 200 as party fund of any party", said Rajeshwara (name changed upon request), a Dallas resident.

"It's only to curry favor American politicians and bag international media coverage which can benefit only a particular community. The idea is not for universal good of all Telugus but it's only with selfish motive", opined another Dallas resident who asked to keep his name in anonymity.

"If Clinton is being given US $ 100,000,000 then the association must be giving US $ 500,000,000 for Chandrababu Naidu", tickled a lady.

Well, the representative also said that the goal is to see a Telugu as American President.

Responding to that, senior software professional said, "That's far away. He must be day dreaming and living in illusionary world. On what basis he is dreaming that? He is saying about 'Telugu' in specific. Why can't he at least generalize that to Indians? In stead of that he can say that he wants to see the person from his community as American President. That would sound straight and right as his wish would be same".

To sum up, the response for that message sounded funny for many American Telugus.

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