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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Audio Company Owner Becomes 'Silent Killer'

We have seen choreographers, lyricists, comedians and many more becoming directors. Now an audio company owner is becoming a director shortly as per the reliable sources. He is Sridhar Reddy, the owner of Madhura Entertainments. Sources say that he will be directing a film in 2008 on the banner of a renowned producer. Sridhar has been there in the industry as audio company owner from the last 3 years. In these 3 years he made great friends in the industry and developed good will.

This news has come from Film Nagar Club sources. A PRO said, "Sridhar is good at heart and street smart at brain. He takes the audio rights of 'to be flopped' and 'not worthy' films as well. We all assumed to be an ignorant. But interestingly with his business tactics he made good money and also made the producers of those films recover some good amount. Many producers those tied up with him listening to his audio marketing strategies know about his talent. Sridhar is a 'silent killer'. He won the acceptance of many big heads in the industry. He is a poet too. Somehow I got confidence on him".

The other person sitting with him said, "It is the acceptance of general public but not big heads in industry that is required to sustain as successful director".

That's true in fact. Let us see how he comes up.

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