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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sekhar Kammula's Bengali Connection


What is Sekhar Kammula's Bengali connection? This is the question that is dinning in the heads of many. He was born and brought up in AP and got educated in USA. But his close friends are from Bengal in big way. The well known Bengali personality who is close to Sekhar Kammula is Kamalini Mukherjee.

And there is Chandana Chakraborthy who is close to him. She acted as mother in law to Kamalini Mukherjee in the film 'Anand'. In fact people cannot forget that martinet mother in law in the film. She is not seen in big way in any film later on. She is known only with Anand.

And freshly in the film 'Happy Days' it was said that a guest role was given to a Bengali lady called Shangrila. She played the role of mother to the character Shravanthi (ringed hair beauty). She appears only in one scene when Tyson comes and asks her to send Shravanthi to picnic. Shangrila now works as a teacher in Indus World School at Sainik Puri in Hyderabad.

Well, what's this Bengali connection of Sekhar Kammula? Is it just coincidental!!!

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