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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rumors: Heroine Slapped Big Hero cum Producer

Don't come to conclusion that heroine literally slapped big hero and producer. She almost did something of that sort- a clear 'tit for tat'. It's Naynatara who genuflected to touch the feet of that big man of Tollywood seeking blessings a few years ago. She was not a famous one by then. 'Chandramukhi' wasn't made by that time. The big man intended to introduce his son. He found two producers who wished to make the film with all new team. They brought Nayantara to pair up with his son. When the big man noticed that the heroine is also going to be a new face, he bluntly said that he wants a renowned face but not a new face like that. He didn't even bother to talk to Nayantara at that time. Nayantara was shunned and the role was given to other heroine then. The film flopped and that is another story.

Eventually Nayantara turned a popular heroine. Freshly when the big man asked Nayantara to pair up with his other son, she simply shunned saying, "It's difficult to get my dates for you now".

'Every dog has its own day'. This is the old adage. We have to say 'every heroine has her own time'.

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