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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chiranjeevi is welcome into politics

GUNTUR: Communist Party of India State Secretary K. Narayana said people were totally dissatisfied with the Congress and Telugu Desam Party and there was a search for an alternative by the people. In this situation, a new party proposed to be set up by film star Chiranjeevi was welcome, he said.

At a press conference here on Tuesday on the sidelines of second-day proceedings of the three-day District Convention of the party, he told reporters that he welcomed Chiranjeevi to start a new party and infuse new blood into politics that would address the real issues of people. “We will also think in terms of forming an alliance or working with them as a third alternative to the two failed parties was essential,” Mr. Narayana added.

The CPI’s association with the proposed party of Chiranjeevi would depend on the situation then and if their wavelength matched they might work together, he said and added that the party would not give up its `Bhooparatam’ at any cost.

“If landlords and the moneyed can be allotted assigned lands not bothering about the real poor, we will not keep quiet and our agitation will get intensified in the days to come. Our party State convention at Tirupathi from December 19 to 23 will mainly discuss the distribution of land to the poor,” he observed.

In case the Government failed to respond to the people’s demands and tried to evict the poor from the lands occupied by them with support of the CPI, its agitation would switch gears and go on a different plane, he said.

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