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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reel Buzz: Young Hero's Father Is Worried

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Young hero Vaibhav, the son of Kodanda Rami Reddy, has debuted with the film 'Godava' and procured below-average talk. The same son stroke that affected Raghavendra Rao and Dasari Narayana Rao repeated again for Kodanda Rami Reddy, the senior most successful director as well. He had made many hits with mega star and proved to be a successful mass-masala director. But still, things didn't prove favorable for him with his son. People have been saying that he is ok at expressions while dancing but needs to work a lot during dialogue delivery. His personality is not so impressive, say some.

In a live TV show that was intended to promote 'Godava', both Vaibhav and Shradhdha Arya have come. Kodanda Rami Reddy called Vaibhav on phone and said, "You have done very well Vaibhav. But need to do better in future". Vaibhav kept a white face listening to his father's voice. A dull worried voice was observed with Kodanda Rami Reddy as well. He expected something big with his son but things didn't move accordingly.

Industry sources say that it would be a wonder if Vaibhav acts in second film. Some others say that he would act but vanishes away like Dasari Arun Kumar. Only a few say that he would sustain in the industry if he does hard work with respect to performance and proves himself to be unique.

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