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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Screen Talk: Prabhas With Gautam Menon?

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Gautham Menon the super director who has come out with some of the finest action flicks recently like 'Gharshana', 'Raghavan' etc is one man whom any actor would like to work with.

There is strong news making rounds that macho hero Prabhas who is currently with his 'Bujjigadu-made in Chennai' will soon be working with Gautam on a movie. Earlier, it was said that 'Prince' Mahesh Babu was the one who will be doing a film with Gautam but now the talk has turned towards Prabhas.

For now it is suspense whether Gautam will go ahead with Prabhas or Mahesh but if Prabhas is the one then this will be one of the roughest and masculine combinations that one has ever seen. Sources say that Mahesh's dates are not available for Goutham now. So chances are more for him to join with Prabhas.

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