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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rumors: Chiranjeevi's New Film Title 'Mantri'?

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Right now, two things are awaiting the titles. One is Chiranjeevi's new party and the other is his new film.

This is the fresh grapevine that is making rounds in Film Nagar. Guna Sekhar is about to make a film with Chiranjeevi shortly and three titles are in discussion as of now. It is said that Guna Sekhar will be booking those titles in Film Chamber very soon. The titles are 'Chiranjeevi' and 'Mantri'. That sounds something interesting, right. 'Mantri' is something that is contemporary. Is the film going to be an image booster for Chiranjeevi's political entry? That is yet to be known. Guna Sekhar already registered 'Kaththi' and that would be with NTR as per the sources.

On the other hand there are gossips that Guna Sekhar is making the film 'Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy' a historical one with Chiranjeevi. Although it was assumed to be the Chiranjeevi's 150 th film in his own direction earlier, now the sources say that it is going to be the immediate flick only in the direction of Guna Sekhar. But that is yet to be confirmed officially. Probably Chiranjeevi would be busy with politics after this film.

Since the film is going to be the image booster, the budget that is going to be incurred on it will be whopping. But it is yet to be known when the film starts and when it completes.

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