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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nayantara's Health Is Getting into Trouble

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Grapevine says that Nayanatara's health is getting into trouble. She has undergone liposuction treatment to look slimmer and that worked out indeed. She has been on the top ever since she reduced her measurements. She is getting new offers now and at the same time picking up her weight slowly. Although liposuction is done, either due to back to normal food habits or due to body constitution, one picks up weight.

Nayantara is now going to second phase of liposuction to cut down her little fat that is accumulated at her hip area. Sources say that her health would be in trouble with these multiple liposuctions. Due to quick variation in body weight she is bound to fatigue and convulsions. Already she was collapsed once in Kochi Airport when her first phase of liposuction is done.

But what can she do? She cannot lose crores of offers just with the fear of collapsing and troubling health! She is highly money minded.

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