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Friday, December 14, 2007

Balayya For Rs 55 Lakh and Pawan Kalyan For Rs 1.4 Cr

The films 'Okka Magadau' of Bala Krishna and 'Jalsa' of Pawan Kalyan are being sold at whopping prices overseas. No Balakrishna's film did a business of more than Rs 10 lakh so far. But still the craze on 'Okka Magadu' is upright and the film was sold at Rs 55 lakh overseas. The factor of YVS Choudary's brand name added to it. We have to see how far the business works out this time. The expectations on the film are very high.

And coming to Pawan Kalyan's 'Jalsa', as per the sources the overseas rights were sold at Rs 1.4 Cr to the surprise of everyone. Pawan is also exercising same immaculate following irrespective of his serial flops. Here the factor of Trivikram Sreenivas and Pawan Kalyan combination boosted up the sale of the film. The expectations are very high on it as well.

Fingers are now crossed to see the future of this film at overseas box office.

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