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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Buzz: Priyamani Is Going Naughty and Hot!

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Actress Priyamani is going hot day by day. She entered the industry wearing sari. But eventually she started shunning her clothes and appearing in short middies exposing her thighs. She is also giving vent to keep her in gossips corner with her talk and activities. She said that she is fortunate enough for not hearing more gossips about her as she is hearing about other heroines. Is that not giving an idea for gossip mongers to spread gossips about her?

In other occasion she said that she is open for lip to lip kisses if scene demands. She already started a lip kiss account in a Tamil film. Priyamani has chosen a different track. She wants to be homely as well as glamorous on screen. She is in the way of balancing both the ends.

Is that not a naughty growth in Priyamani.

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