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Monday, July 30, 2007

Raj-Shilpa affair is an open secret

The actress plans to buy a Mayfair apartment to be with her ‘friend’

LONDON: Kavita Kundra’s outburst against her ex-husband Raj Kundra and actress Shilpa Shetty has created a dilemma for the couple who now cannot come out into the open about their ‘relationship’.

Friends of Raj Kundra, told media that Raj and Shilpa were ‘close’ but denied that the relationship had begun while Raj and Kavita were still together. “Kavita left Raj long before he met Shilpa, so how can she blame Shilpa for the break-up of her marriage,” said a close friend of the film producer and UK businessman, Raj Kundra.

“Their daughter was only about two- month old when Kavita insisted that she could not live with Raj anymore and left him,” said the friend. He insisted that Raj met Shilpa much after she won Celebrity Big Brother in January, by which time Raj and Kavita had already separated and were well on the way to a divorce.

“Kavita simply saw pictures of them together and got jealous and wanted to put a spanner in the works, and she has been successful,” said the friend.

Shilpa is also hoping to buy an apartment in the exclusive Mayfair area as a second home. With her relationship with Raj thriving, Shilpa is interested in spending more time in the UK. However, now thanks to Kavita’s outburst, Shilpa and Raj are on the radar of the British tabloids who follow them hoping to snap the two of them together.

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