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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Screen Talk: Anushka gets a Tattoo on Bosom!

Tollywood actress Anushka loves getting tattoos on her body.

In her debut film "Super", Anushka was spotted with couple of tattoos on her body. But those were temporary ones. The actress became fond of getting tattoos since then. Yes, just like Trisha. She too got a tattoo on her bosom.

What comes as a big surprise is that her new tattoo which she got recently.

Those who have watched closely notice a tattoo on her. Anushka says that tattoo on her left bosom is her sun sign and she got it done in Goa when she visited the city with a friend of hers.

For the time being, Anushka riding on the success of Lakshyam and is looking forward for her forthcoming films.

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