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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hyd Buzz : Who Doesn't Want Chiranjeevi!

Irrespective of the end results of box office, Sakardada Zindabad gave a new image to Chiranjeevi as one still wields influence on multitudes of people, young and old.

This is one reason why everybody in politics tries to pamper him for two reasons – either he joins his party and strengthen it or at least he does not launch a party himself.

The type of ‘Sivaji' release wave of Rajanikanth appeared to have got repeated even with this film of Chiranjeevi, with fans going to the extent of performing poojas at temples for the film’s box office success. Even the tickets sold in blackmarket went up more than what they were selling at the time of the release of his previous films.

Perhaps the fanfare shown at the release of the film ‘Sivaji’ repeatedly on small screen and news papers reports must have caught notice of Chiranjeevi fans.

For the Telugu cinema Chiranjeevi is as big as Rajanikanth to Tamil cinema. There was a report, after the release of the film Sankardada Zindabad, the talk of Chiranjeevi joining politics has picked momentum, irrespective of cast politics. It appears that the kin of arch rivals of caste politics in Vijayawada and coastal Andhra joined hands in putting up banners of Chiranjeevi. Obviously Chiranjeevi has crossed all barriers of cast, creed and religion, which was visible at the time of the release of the film.

When we look at the composition of political parties, there are only two parties capable of coming to power in the state - ruling Congress party and its opposition, Telugu Desam Party. But the blood bath in today’s ‘band call’ given by communists and other opposition parties, demanding land for the poor, will sure change the picture. Though there were occasions earlier when such bandhs and marches turned into grave yards for some, this time a comparable situation has developed as to the land issue. While the Government displays all benevolence to some industrialists and giving away huge chunks of land for raising industries, there is talk why the government hesitates to take up the issue of allotting a small piece of land to poor individual families.

True there is a three phased plan of giving houses straight away to the poor. But the progress on it is a snail walk. Besides, lawlessness, landgrabbing, real-estate goondaism, has risen in an unprecedented way. The day to day life in A.P., including terrible rise in cost of living and many other problems have thrown a big question as to who would be able to handle the state better. There is talk of the need of a third political party to come to power, as they had already tasted the rule of the two existing political rivals. Perhaps this may be a right time for Chiranjeevi to ponder over the issue. He is young enough, still to jump into politics. If he wants to keep that film image of ‘Andari vaadu’ even in politics, he should better launch his own party for the sake the people of entire state. If he joins any one of the existing parties he would soon be cornered. And if he decides to plunge into politics, he should always keep in mind that he should never be branded with a particular cast.

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