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Monday, July 30, 2007

Meera Jasmine: My marriage will be a grand function

Rumour mills are after her, or so it seems. Meera Jasmine has been in the news for the wrong reasons — she reportedly broke down at a public function due to strained family relations, her linkup with a director and then an actor, entry into a Hindu temple and so on.

This talented actress, who won the national award for the best actress, is known to be intensely private. So when it was reported that she secretly got married at Tirumala (though she was away in Kolkata shooting for a film) Meera reacted rather strongly. “I don’t understand why the media is after me. Why should I go to Tirupati and marry secretly? When I marry, it will be a grand function. I have been targeted by gossipmongers several times earlier. Work is my passion,” she said adding that she no longer lets gossip get to her.

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