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Monday, July 30, 2007

Screen Talk : Tanushree's makeover story

Tanushree Dutta is taking fellow actress Bipasha Basu's advice seriously and is going in for a complete makeover.

It all started with a recent chat show in which Bipasha was asked which glamourous actress needed a makeover, Bipasha replied that Tanushree is so good looking and sensuous, but she if would change her stylist, she would be one of the most glamourous actors around.

“When it was brought to Tanushree’s notice, she took it very positively, especially since it came from Bipasha,” a source said. Tanushree has decided now to work on her looks and outfits. Now, international fashion designer Babita Malkani will be styling her.

When she started out in Bollywood, Tanu was slim but she had to put on some weight because after winning the Miss India Universe title she had got some offers from the South, so the directors and producers there insisted she put on some weight.

Tanushree is now on a fitness spree and has joined a gym and dance classes to keep herself fit. Bong connection works!

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