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Monday, July 30, 2007

Screen Talk: Puri Jaganath's Lucky Room

Besides being a good director, Puri Jaganath is also an equally brilliant story, screenplay and dialogue writer. He has written all of his films on his own. All of these films have done well at the box-office.

Puri reveals the secret behind their success.

He said, "I'm quite superstitious about the place where I write my script. There are certain places where the ideas flow non stop. One of such places is my bed room. When I was writing Pokiri, like any other writer I too faced the writer's block. But as soon as I sat in my bedroom, I just couldn't stop writing. Something similar happened when I was in Bangkok; I found my hotel room a great place for writing "Chirutha".

May be Puri should permanently book that hotel room in Bangkok. That way we will surely get to see many more good flicks from him.

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