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Monday, July 30, 2007

Nostalgia: Mammooty- A Very Big Egoist

Film circles those know about Mammooty say that he is very egoistic when compared his remuneration with that of top stars in Tollywood. At the same time he never spares any producer from Tollywood if approached him for a role.
When a writer approached Mammooty along with a small producer a few months ago for asking him to play a role in his film (also directed by the writer himself), Mammooty showed his willingness listening to that but said that he would act only when he is paid the remuneration that is given to Chiranjeevi for a film in Telugu. That made the writer startled and he left the place.
Well, the writer is JK Bharavi and the story he narrated was 'Model', a novel written by Vakkantham Surya Narayana. So, it is understood that Mammooty goes egoistic when he sees a Telugu producer.

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