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Monday, July 30, 2007

Snippet: "What Charity" Say our Tollywood Demigods

They promise to reach out to the poor and needy, spread the message of peace, raise funds for the sick and ailing.
But once the overdrive publicity program is over and their due credits are in place, our filmy personalities suffer from memory lapse. Instead of serving the society they serve for themselves. If they ever do any social service or charity, they go on a publicity overdrive. They never tend to do that silently.
We stumbled upon one such film person who has not been heard of doing any charity work ever since he promised.
When we asked few of them about it, they did not seem willing to answer. After much persistence one of them who is a music director, said: "I'm doing my own part in my own way and I do not think I need to boast about it in the media."

Guess these filmywallas have other things to boast about.

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