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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ameesha Patel can't give up junk food

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Ameesha Patel’s working out hard for a trim look, but her love for junk food persists. She can’t resist snacks like bhelpuri, chaat, dosa and vada-pav.
We think the ultra skinny ‘n’ sexy look is the order of the day in Bollywood.
Next in line is Ameesha Patel who is obsessed with her body. She’s got herself a new trainer who is helping her tone up every bit of flab and muscle in her body. And the Patel gal is basking in her glamourous new look.
But hang on... there’s one thing she can’t give up. It’s junk food. From chaat, dosas , to vada-pavs ... her snack time is the best meal of the day.
In fact, she’s a favourite with the bhelpuri-wallah , once in every few days, if he doesn’t get special orders from Amu, the man fears he’ll have to shut shop.
Well, now you know why she wants to work out that extra-bit. She wants to ‘junk’ it all... Right babes?

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