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Sunday, July 1, 2007

‘Bahumathi’ Review: ‘OK’ For Families

Film: Bahumathi

Cast: Venu Sangeetha, Shabana Khan, Krishna Bhagwan, Sunil, Ali, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu etc
Art: JP
Editing: KV Krishna Reddy
Camera: Jawahar Reddy
Dialogues: Diamond Rathna Babu
Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra,Kaluva Krishna Sai
Producer: Venkat
Music-Screenplay-Story-Direction: SV Krishna Reddy
Release Date: 30th June 2007

Venkata Ramana (Venu) is a Police Inspector who believes in idealistic society. He stands on his word and never gets back his promise if made any. His aim is to remove woes of all orphans and give them good education. Bhanumathi (Sangeetha) is his wife who is money minded and not at all interested in family life. She turns out to be a wild hard nut to crack for the husband. She makes him buy a Lottery Ticket every time for the desire of money.

Out of surprise one fine day he gets the prize worth Rs 10 Crore. But he promises to give 50% of that amount to Dharani (Shabana Khan) who is a waitress in a Hotel.

Why he promises that? How Dharani is linked to Venkata Ramana. Finally, how he manages to give that over riding his wild wife?

That has to be watched on silver screen.


Venu is normal and portrayed an idealistic role something similar to that of ‘Sada Mee Sevalo’. Sangeetha is hot and beautiful in various designer wear saris. But still there is bigger scope to show her more appealing. Shabana Khan is average and it appears to be first and last film of her. She has to work a lot in performance aspects if she wants to continue in Tollywood.

Dialogues are average where the comedy track sounds appealing: Here are the worth mentioning scenes in this film those promise enough of entertainment.

1. Krishna Bhagawan’s style of dialogue delivery in all scenes
2. Sunil’s performance as advocate
3. Sunil’s dance for the song ‘Ziddi’
4. Ali-Brahmanandam’s comedy track
5. Court scene between Kota and Sunil

SV Krishna Reddy’s music is pleasing to senses for a couple of songs. But he made it chaotic for the song during Lottery Announcement.

First half of the film closes abruptly with no big twist at interval. Second half runs with comedy and court scenes. The comedy element in the film is just adequate and Ali-Brahmanandam’s track is completely separate from the main story.

It appears to be ‘Subhalagnam’ while looking at the spirit of the film. It’s a narration with money minded wife and a husband with idealistic views. Sangeetha plays negative role in it. The point to be mentioned is that there is no sentiment and tear jerking aspects in this film till the end. SV Krishna Reddy made the film run on lighter note through out. The film targets B and C centers and it is a perfect ‘No’ for the taste of youth and teenagers. In general, films show repentance of negative characters at the climax. But here there is no such repentance drama. Films show how foolish money minded lady gets into the trap of other cunning men. But here it’s other way round. On a whole, the film is a typical entertainer although made on beaten track to large extent.

The fate of this film depends on the patronage of family audiences of B,C centers.

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