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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Rao's 'Mutyalamuggu' Remuneration Rs. 17,500

Mutyalamuggu' is the film that can be never forgotten by Telugu film lovers. That really created a big wave in collections 3 decades ago. Do you know the remuneration taken by Rao Gopala Rao for that film? That's Rs 17,500. And Allu Rama Lingaiah was paid Rs 12,000. That's the remuneration for entire film.

During the shooting, writer Mullapudi Venkata Ramana observing the scene in which Allu Ramalingiah enacts like monkey said, "Ramalingiah garu! You act normally. Don't take special effort to enact like monkey".

Ramalingiah took that very light and laughed along with other unit members. There were many practical jokes cracked on persons like this in this film shoot, but everybody felt like a family. That was a film unit where there was no ego on any head.

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