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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Telugu Film News 03-07-2007 Latest

Snippet: Keeravani's Father Is A Great Poet!

Keeravani's father Siva Shakthi Dutta is known as a director of the film 'Chandrahaas' for many. But there is a great thing to know about him. He is such a great poet who got applause from Kavi Samrat Viswanatha Satyanarayana long back. Siva Sakthi Dutta wrote the long poem on Gangavataranama with the title 'Gagana Gangavataranam'. He took the manuscript of that poem to Viswanatha Satyanarayana and said that he wants to sing that for him.

With all disgust and lack of confidence, Viswanatha asked him to read only 5 lines from the book. When Siva Sakti Dutta sang, Viswanatha asked him to sing from the beginning slowly. After listening to everything he went inside and brought silk shawls and covered Siva Sakthi Dutta with that.

After that Viswanatha said, "I feared if I had to listen to some nonsense. But you shook my senses. I wrote Gangavataranam episode in Ramayana Kalpaviksham. I thought none would cross my romanticism in writing that. But now, I declare that you did that. This is the shawl I got in the felicitation for writing Ramayana Kalpavriksham. Now I give away this to you".

That's the incident took place long back. Well, Ramayana Kalpavriksham is the epic that brought Jnanapeeth Award to Viswanatha Satyanarayana. The book 'Gagana Gangavataranam' was printed in 1998. Is that not enough to say the poetic fervor of Siva Shakti Dutta?!

Indeed, we can say that the artistic talent was taken by Keeravani from his father, but in the form of classical music.

Formalities over for US consulate in Hyderabad

The Andhra Pradesh government and the US Embassy in New Delhi on Tuesday completed all the formalities and entered into an MoU for setting up of US consulate in Hyderabad. To begin with the office of the US consulate will be located at the historic and picturesque Paigah Palace and later it will be shifted to a new premises at Gatchi Bowli once the US embassy constructs its own building in the city.

This brings curtains down on the formalties. It's now only a matter of time. Those seeking visas to the US need no longer go to Chennai. Once the consulate starts functioning, it will issue visas for the people of the State. The long wait is finally over.

Mamata Mohandas sings for SDZ

Mamata Mohandas who mastered the art of item singing with ‘Rakhi Rocky’ song in Rakhi film has rendered her voice again for Devi Sri Prasad’s tune in Shankar Dada Zindabad. Yana Gupta sizzled in this item song. The audio of SDZ will be launched in grand style on 4 July at a function held in Shilpa Kala Vedika. Audio launch of Shankar Dada MBBS was also hosted at the same venue.

Yama Donga movie on 8 August
Audio of Yama Donga is expected to release on either 12th or 14th of July. Vel Records (MM Keeravani’s label) will produce the audio. There will be six full songs and four bit songs in this film. Daler Mehandi, NTR and Mamata Mohan Das rendered a couple of songs in this film. Movie is going to hit the marquee on 8 August which happens to be Wednesday.

Vedika with Allu Arjun
As per the sources of idlebrain.com, Vedika is all set to act in Dil Raju’s latest film with Allu Arjun as hero. This film is being directed by Bhaskar (Bommarillu fame). Shooting of the film is going on. Incidentally this film is coming from two people who delivered two instant blockbusters - Bommarillu (Bhaskar) and Desa Muduru (Allu Arjun).

Dil Raju’s directors wedding
It is the wedding time for the directors of Dil Raju. Bhaskar (of Bommarillu fame) will be marrying a Telugu girl from Vizag. Vamsi (Munna fame) will be marrying a Bangalore girl. Both these weddings will take place tomorrow (4 July). Incidentally both these marriages are love marriages. Let us wish them a blockbuster marital life.

3 films this week
This week is witnessing release of three films. Gopichand’s latest film Lakshyam in the direction of debutant Srivas is releasing on 5 July. Anushka is playing female lead. Jagapati Babu and Kalyani are doing special roles. Nallamalupu Bujji produced this film. Sivaji’s latest film Satyabhama with Bhumika Chawla playing female lead is releasing on 6 July. Pata starring Madhusudhan and Poonam Singar is going to release on 7 July.

Gossip: Buxom Beauty Wrote Rs 18 Lakhs!
This is the incident that took place recently. An actress who is famous for her 'buxom blossoms' was called on by a young producer to work for his film. She agreed to sign on agreement but before doing that he took her to farm house and kept there for about 2 weeks along with him. She was worried and asked to release her. The actress is also married. The husband is not much worried about her if she gets money. At last the actress got disgusted and asked the producer to release her with payment. Then the young producer gave her a blank check and asked her to draw as much she wants without making any noise. The actress also worked for his film as dubbing artiste. She wrote Rs 18 lakhs on that and produced in an Andhra Bank branch. The manager got some doubt and called on the father of that producer (he is the presenter of that film) and informed about this check. Then the producer's father involved and asked to stop the payment. He reprimanded his son for doing so.

Then the actress warned the produced and his father that she would go to media and create nuisance. The producer in anger said, "What you say to media? How can you say that you spent with me for 2 weeks?"

The argument went wild and the producer's father took the case to a senior most renowned producer to solve. Then the senior producer called on the actress and said, "Have you grown up so big to create nuisance and go to media? What you did is rubbish. Just shut your mouth and take Rs 1 lakh and leave the place. Otherwise, consequences will be bad for you".

The actress shivered with fear and followed the dictum of that senior producer. Now she is producing a movie.

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