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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Gossip: Kamalini Unbuttons Her Blouse!

Kamilini Mukherji, throwing away her decent image, has said yes to exposing. She exposed her 'assets' by unbuttoning her blouse in front of the hero Allari Naresh in the film in progress, 'Pellaindi Kaani…'.

Though she was reluctant to do this, director EVV convinced her that the situation really warranted it. Naresh plays the role of a mentally challenged boy.

To provoke him sexually as a dutiful wife, Kamilini had to do this. Kamilini had to make many compromises in the film.

The second hero, who is playing opposite to him, is an outdated hero. He is Harish. But she charged for every compromise, she made.

She got an additional amount of Rupees Two lakhs for accepting Harish as second hero. She is charging extra for all the scenes she dislike.

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