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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Exclusive: Yogic Astrologer Predicted Chiru's Future

Chiranjeevi's political entry is predicted decades ago by a saintly astrologer Late Vedula Kameshwara Sharma who was died at his 90 th year.

It was revealed by Gollapaudi Maruthi Rao in his book 'Elegeelu' (Elegies) printed freshly last month. He mentioned, "Vedula Kameshwara Sharma garu was our family astrologer who has great intuitive power. I discovered out of my surprise that whatever he said that was happened so far. I gave Chiranjeevi's horoscope to Vedula Sharma garu many years ago without telling the name of person. Sharma garu seen into the horoscope and said that the person would live as renowned film actor for 30 years and then steps into active politics. I said this to Radhika at that time and she got excited and shown interest to show her horoscope. I took her horoscope to Sharma garu. Then he said the girl would be marrying very shortly. Radhika laughed listening to that. She had no idea of marriage at that time. But unexpectedly she had to marry Pratap Pothan within a short span. He was the astrologer who said that my father wouldn't die in 1972 when he was in deep coma. We though Sharma garu was lying. Even the doctors said he might die in a few hours. But out of surprise, as said by Sharma garu my father came out from Coma and lived for another 14 years".

So, can we come to conclusion that Chiranjeevi enters politics? Well, Late Vedula Kameshwara Sharma garu said that Chiranjeevi will enter politics. Gollapudi Maruthi Rao did not mention in his book if Sharma garu said whether Chiranjeevi becomes CM or not!!! Further details about Chiranjeevi's political career must be with Gollapudi Maruthi Rao. He may reveal that on request. Can anyone try!

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