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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Screen Buzz: Srinu Vaitla Still in Worry!

Srinu Vaitla is still worried as per the latest industry sources. It is said that the producer of the film 'Dhee' bagged all credit although he skipped from completing the film amidst shooting. Vaitla completed that with his own investment. It is being said that the over head amount of Vaitla is not cleared by the producer despite ending up in profits. It is also said that the remuneration part of him is also not paid in full.

On a whole the film 'Dhee' brought big image for Vaitla although the financial terms are not impressive. Industry sources say that Vaitla is simply focusing on his new projects but not spreading any bad talk about the producer. But the unit members worked for Dhee, who like Vaitla are biting teeth on the producer.

Well, Vaitla's latest film 'Dubai Seenu' also ended up as a successful venture.

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