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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Renu says she didn't marry Pawan Kalyan!

The bigamy case involving Power Star Pawan Kalyan has taken an interesting turn, with actress Renu Desai announcing that he was not her husband.

Interestingly, Renu did not make any public statement to this effect, but indicated it while replying to the legal notice sent by K Nandini, wife of Pavan Kalyan. And what is more interesting is that Renu sent her reply to Nandini one and a half months ago, based on which Nandini filed a suit in the court. She claimed that she was not part of feud between Pawan Kalyan and Nandini. In the reply Renu gave her address at Nikas Skies, Banner Road, Pune. Renu also warned that she would take a legal recourse if bad propaganda was launched against her.

Obviously Renu gave this reply under pressure from Pawan Kalyan. Though their marriage has not been legalised, Renu and Pawan have a son and therefore, her announcement that Pawan Kalyan was not her husband has created a sensation in the movie field.

Now, the police are set to unravel the mystery. But being a popular film star, Pawan Kalyan can easily get away in the case, police sources said.

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