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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Where is This Small Screen Raasi?

She is Jahnavi, who has good fan following among men. She was a popular TV anchor and later acted in the film 'Yagnam'. She is not at all seen these days and is almost in oblivion. She is also called 'Small Screen Raasi' by some.

Even when a newly emerging TV channel tried for her whereabouts, the details weren't known. Is she completely away from show business? Or will she come up in a new way shortly.
People thought in similar way about Udaya Bhanu as well. She was away from Gold Contests and now as usually she is appearing in 'Sahasam Cheeyara Dimbaka' on a TV channel.

1 comment:

Satya said...

who is this i never saw such huge boobs

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