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Friday, July 6, 2007

Savitri's First Encounter with ANR

Savitri recalled her first encounter with ANR in her last interview long back.

She said, "I was taken by a person to Vaahini Studios for the first time to introduce to some producers. I was eager to watch shooting of any film there. That was the first time stepping into a studio. I saw a person there who is very notable to me. I watched few of his films like 'Keelugurram' by then. He was none other than ANR. He was talking to a person there. I went to him and smiled out of curiosity and wished him. He simply reciprocated for a second and continued talking to the person. I felt happy for seeing a known face there. Later I was taken to a set where the shooting of the film 'Shaavukaru' was going on. I saw a person puffing bidi in front of all the elders. I thought he was disrespectful to everyone. When I enquired, I was told that was his role in the film. When I asked the name of that person, I was told he was SV Ranga Rao who was a new actor".

Later Savitri was given chance to act and the rest of the matter is known history. Savitri acted with ANR in many films subsequently.

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